The Etch House


This building started out as a typical London Terrace house that was in desperate need of refurbishment. Situated on a popular Road in SE London the area is a firm favourite with families and we set out to show what is possible with this most common of London building types.

The project looked to challenge the traditional layout by using the staircase to cut across the building.  This removed the dark corridor and landing spaces and instead liberating the plan.

The existing internal walls, chimney breasts, staircase and floors were removed, retaining only the facade, to enable the building floor levels to be dropped to create a sunken ground floor plan that enables a generous floor to ceiling height all three levels. Whilst the footprint of the building has only been increased by 130 SqFt we managed to gain another floor and maximised the efficiency of the internal plan form  adding a total of 679 Sqft in total.

Our in house team combined traditional craftsmanship with digital fabrication techniques which resulted in a high quality building built to a budget. High levels of insulation, a solar hot array and a wildflower roof lower the carbon footprint of the building,

With careful planning and sequencing of the works we managed to save 4 months from a typical programme completing the build in a total of 9 month giving us a quicker return on our investment and improving our annualized Return on investment. 




Developer - Findlay Fraher Management 

Contractor - Findlay Fraher Construction 

Architect - Fraher Architects

Photography - Adam Scott 

Completion date - April 2017

Project Value - GDV £1.1 million

Gross Internal Area Existing - 1097 Sqft

Gross Internal Area As Built - 1776 Sqft

Gross Internal Area % Uplift - 62%