The Alpine Townhouse

An exciting overseas opportunity presented itself in 2016, to purchase and restore a 16th century Alpine Townhouse and attached barn, back to its former glory. The context was complex and our French until this point was limited. The building itself is listed externally and required a lengthy planning process where permission was sought from the regional equivalent of ‘English Heritage’. With planning granted in December 2016 we started work on a full redevelopment of the property to create a 3 bed maisonette combined with a 7 bedroom house.

The building was originally constructed in the 1600’s and existed originally as only the stone half of the house. A timber annex was often built by the owner as a barn and atelier and doubled the width of the house. The building was in a state of disrepair having not been occupied for over five years.  We have collaborated with Fraher Architects and studio mAAb on both the design and delivery. By combining our purchasing power in London and manufacturing capacity of Shape we have been able to ship the specialist packages direct from the workshop bringing our attention to detail and aesthetic direct to the mountains without the cost premium.




Developer - Findlay Fraher Management 

Contractor - Findlay Fraher Construction 

Architect - Fraher Architects

Photography - Fraher Architects 

Status: First Fix 

Project Value - GDV £1.6 million

Gross Internal Area Existing - 3545 Sqft

Gross Internal Area As Built - 5865 Sqft

Gross Internal Area % Uplift - 65%